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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Peaches The Love Bird

Don’t forget the
Love birds!

By: Giddy-up Beauchamp

Don’t forget the lovebirds!!! All the students are doing reports on all the animals…..except peaches!!! So let’s talk about these little lovebirds. These petite 'pocket parrots' are very intriguing! Though lovebirds are not going to learn a lot of tricks or necessarily want to have a lot of handling, they are very flamboyant, very social with both their keepers and their mate, and are wonderful birds to observe and enjoy. Lovebirds are one of the smallest parrots bred in captivity, but don't let their small size fool you. They have big parrot personality packed into their tiny bodies! Lovebirds are a very high-energy pet. They love to swing from toys, attack bells, and make splinters of any wood toy. But lovebirds are also sweeties that easily learn to step-up for a quick kiss, and love to hang out on their favorite person's shoulder, snuggling into your neck and hair. Like many small animals, lovebirds seem fearless when confronted by a larger species. A lovebird will not hesitate to walk right over and bite a bigger parrot or even a cat or dog. Lovebirds are native to the tropical rainforests of southwestern Africa. These comical little birds can live 15-30 years with the proper diet, exercise, and stimulation. Well now you know a lot about peaches!!!! So next time don’t forget about the lovebirds!!!

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