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Friday, February 20, 2009

Wings' Soap Essay

When I started to whittle my soap with my green tool and beige stick, I was shooting for an amazing heroic,bear.I started carving away the soap on the first day of a two day whittling experience, and knew I was going to get a good grade on my animal. I was so excited that I was carving a bear, as then turned into a cute little bunny instead of a heroic bear. I realized whittling wasn't a piece of cake, it was a piece of hard soap. Even tough it didn't turn into what I wanted, this experience was great, we are so lucky! Thank you Mr. Lane and Mr. Iannone!

P.S.- I wouldn't be able to survive in the wild!!

By Hannah Segatto

Jasmine Bowden


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Whittle Lab Slide Show

My Side of the Mountain (Whittle Lab)

The students are currently reading My Side of the Mountain. The students had the opportunity to whittle a living habitat from soap in class. The students have learned that whittling is a technique used in the wilderness to survive. In the book the main character whittled fish hooks out of tree branches in order to catch food to survive. The definition of whittle consists of cutting small bits or shavings from something else. The students had the opportunity to whittle a bar of soap using plastic knives and tooth picks. The first annual Hall of Fame of whittling is below in picture format. The end product was tremendous on all levels. Please take the time and vote on your favorite class or leave a comment. The students had a great time and there were no casualties on My Side of the Classroom. Most of the students came to the conclusion that they would not be able to survive in the wild based on their whittling skills.
3rd Period

Mr. Iannone's and Mr. Lane whittled project.
The beer and flowers often imitated,
but never duplicated...

4th Period

6th Period

7th Period



Monday, February 2, 2009

About Mr. Lane the newest Student Teacher

My name is Mr. Lane the latest of many student teachers to be taken under the wing of the ever so gracious Mr. Iannone aka the Science Guy. In the coming semester I look forward to working with all of the students in the 6th grade, parents, and faculty. Everyday will be a learning experience as I have been afforded the opportunity to learn from one of Deer Vally's best teachers as well as a tremendous group of students. I am orignally from Portland, Maine and have lived in Arizona for the past three years. I am currently working on my masters at Arizona State in Elementary Education. My goal is to teach science just like my mentor teacher. In my free time I enjoy the outdoors taking hikes with my golden retriever, golfing, and enjoying sports. I look forward to creating engaging and challenging science lessons for all of the students in the 6th grade at Paseo Hills. I have been fortunate in the sense that I am begining my student teaching with the knowledge of a majority of the 6th grade students due to the fact that I interned for seven weeks in math with Mrs. Raimondo. The transistion has been very smooth and I have the students to thank for making this such a smooth transition.