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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

E a R t H q U a K e S!!!

The students have just finished the unit on earthquakes. The students have put on their engineer hats and built their own skyscrapers to see if their blueprint could withstand an earthquake.

The students learned firsthand about the devastation earthquakes cause all over the world. The students learned all about vocabulary associated with earthquakes. The students had to abide by the classroom building codes for their skyscrapers. The students rolled everything they learned about earthquakes and built their towers to withstand earthquakes.

Be prepared here comes the Iannone Quake. On the Richter Scale I think this one measured 7.2. This structure unfortunately did not survive the quake.

The building that would not fall under any circumstances. This group of students have a bright future as engineers.

The creation from Djordje, Stefan, and Javi.

Skyscraper city.

Over 20,000 toothpicks in this skyline. In the comments write what ones you think survived...


Angela said...


I think it is funny how Kicks is yawning in the picture!

Pinky :-)

Anonymous said...


Kicks must of been bored with the project or stayed up late to complete hers.

mr iannone

jkmcclung said...

Very, very cool. We did a very similar unit at the beginning of the year over earthquakes, however we did not engineer buildings because I did not like the suggestion that our books asked for.....I think next year we will give your skyscrapers a shot. Well done everyone!

Mr. McClung

Anonymous said...

This blog is so awesome! I even showed it to my cousin in Utah and she thinks it's awesome too!

Theresa C

P.S. - My cousin says hi to Mr Iannone and Mr Lane.