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Friday, February 20, 2009

Wings' Soap Essay

When I started to whittle my soap with my green tool and beige stick, I was shooting for an amazing heroic,bear.I started carving away the soap on the first day of a two day whittling experience, and knew I was going to get a good grade on my animal. I was so excited that I was carving a bear, as then turned into a cute little bunny instead of a heroic bear. I realized whittling wasn't a piece of cake, it was a piece of hard soap. Even tough it didn't turn into what I wanted, this experience was great, we are so lucky! Thank you Mr. Lane and Mr. Iannone!

P.S.- I wouldn't be able to survive in the wild!!

By Hannah Segatto


Selma Cullen said...

Dear Mr. Iannone,

Thank you for letting me put my paragraph on the blog!!!


Anonymous said...

austin wants extra credit :^)

Anonymous said...

I finished all the surveys!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

do we still get extra credit