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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Side of the Mountain (Whittle Lab)

The students are currently reading My Side of the Mountain. The students had the opportunity to whittle a living habitat from soap in class. The students have learned that whittling is a technique used in the wilderness to survive. In the book the main character whittled fish hooks out of tree branches in order to catch food to survive. The definition of whittle consists of cutting small bits or shavings from something else. The students had the opportunity to whittle a bar of soap using plastic knives and tooth picks. The first annual Hall of Fame of whittling is below in picture format. The end product was tremendous on all levels. Please take the time and vote on your favorite class or leave a comment. The students had a great time and there were no casualties on My Side of the Classroom. Most of the students came to the conclusion that they would not be able to survive in the wild based on their whittling skills.
3rd Period

Mr. Iannone's and Mr. Lane whittled project.
The beer and flowers often imitated,
but never duplicated...

4th Period

6th Period

7th Period


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Iannoe!!!! I am leaving this comment just for fun!!!! :) This isn't for extra credit or anything!!!! Just for fun!!!! :)

Princess (Jordynn 4th) said...

Hey Mr.Iannone and Mr.Lane!!!!!!
Saying hi and I like the pictures of our Whiddling lab!
Also I was looking at pictures last night on google images and I found a picture of a wierd disease.I want you to check it out!!!

Anonymous said...

hey mr iannone you are the best science teacher i will ever have.

Anonymous said...

hey mr iannone i just want to thank you for letting us whittle it was fun but hard

kristyn gilbert 4th hour

kail is totally awesome said...

These Whittles Were Way Wicked. My whittles were 5 toes, and some bark. I could NEVER survive in the wild. But im still flat out awesome(in my eyes)