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Monday, August 9, 2010


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Safety Rules: 1 - Always wear safety goggles whenever you are working with chemicals or other substances that might get into your eyes.
2 - Never reach across a flame.
3 - Immediately notify your teacher if any chemical gets on your skin or clothing to find out what to do to clean it off.
4 - Never look directly into a test tube when mixing or heating chemicals.
5 - Always point a test tube away from you and others when heating it over a flame or other heat source.
6 - Never smell a chemical directly from the container. Wave your hand over the opening of the container and “waft” the fumes towards your nose.
7 - Never taste a chemical unless you are instructed by your teacher to do so.
8 - Always clean up your work area and equipment after an experiment is completed. Equipment must be returned to its proper place.
9 - Read and follow all directions exactly as they are written. If in doubt, ask your teacher for help!
10 - Never mix chemicals (or perform tests) without your teacher’s permission.
11 - Never mix chemicals without your teacher’s permission.
12 - Never run (or push someone else) in the lab. (I let the kids know this rule applies at all times!)
13 - Keep lids on bottles and containers when not in use.
14 - Never use broken or chipped glassware.
15 - Keep your work area clean and keep all materials (clothing, hair, papers, etc.) away from a flame or heat source.
16 - Always clean up your work area and equipment after an experiment is completed Equipment must be returned to its proper place.
17 - Immediately notify your teacher if you get cut or have another injury when performing an experiment.
18 - Wash your hands before and after each experiment.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr.Iannone. It's Kail. I hope you are doing well. I love Starshine and Mr. Waagner does alot better of a job as a Vice Principal than a teacher :) You really need to visit me sometime. Mrs.Erickson is a teacher here now, and all of the kids like me. Tell all of my old friends that I miss them and I would like to come visit them whenever I get the chence. Tell Mrs.Raimondo that I really miss her, and I would come back to Paseo in a heartbeat. But But I love Starshine, and I would never leave behind my popularity. I hope you are having a great time with your new group, and I would like to say hi to Conor. I wish you and all of your children the best of luck for the school year. Lets hope there isnt another one of me :) I am about to go onto my fall break, and hopefully I can talk to you on my email. My sister does not like Starshine, but that might be because her teacher said I would grow up to be bitter and cruel, but shes a teenager, WHO KNOWS! Email me at! I hope to visit soon!

Vivien said...

Hi Mr. Iannone its Vivien! :D I remember that experiment it was so much fun!! i hope that your classes enjoyed it too :)

8th grade its a blast and Mr. Deusch is just as fun as you...(your cooler though ;P)

I heard its your last year here at Paseo Hills:( I am sorry to hear if its true.....

You had some fun years here I could tell!

Your old student,

Vivien (AKA Stripes lol :))