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Friday, April 3, 2009

Future Engineers of the World (Part 3)

Mr. Iannone's homeroom is almost done with building the carnival rides. At the "Invention Convention," Mr. Iannone will have a number of students talking about the Knex's they built, animals in the classroom( Moose, Harry, Peaches, Sponge Bob, and Crystal), and their inventions. The studnets have been working hard on their inventions and they look forward to showing them off April 30th. In this video the ever so busy Theresa Chappell, Jake Pitts, and Victoria Vincent take the time to talk to our field correspondent about their work. The students talk about what they have learned and what challenges they faced along the uphill battle (no pun intended).

The future engineers @ Six Flags, Disney Land/Disney World, & Water World.

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