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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Buoyancy, Density, & Water Displacement

The students have been learning about buoyancy, density, and water displacement. The students have had the opportunity to watch videos about buoyancy, build a boat and understand why some things float and why some things sink.

An extra credit opportunity for the students. The students will have the opportunity to earn 25 extra credit points in the 4th quarter if they can inform the blog of the following definitions. You can only answer one and it is a first come first serve procedure.

1) Buoyancy

2) Density-Math formula is also accepted

3) Water Displacement

4) Why some things that typically sink are able to float. Hint Bill Nye the Science Guy video.

Thanks for visiting the blog and earning some valued extra credit in the 4th quarter.

Remember there are only 13 days until your invention is due. Your inventions are due with everything Monday April 6th. The actual Invention Convention is Monday April 20th. Remember to fill out your Intent to Invent forms as well.


Anonymous said...

Bouyancy- why an object sinks or floats

Megan Laskey

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Good job Megan. You are the first 6th grader to take advantage of the extra credit. I have already added your extra credit points.

~Mr. Lane